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    Hello from me

    Hello to all members, New to the forum but not really new to 3d printing, as I started 5 years ago, trying ? to build my own from scratch .

    Electro Engineering background so the own design and building went ok , but never really cracked the extruding/hot end side at the time .

    Then stopped for a while as got too many hobbies .. then 2 years ago bought a cheap Geeetech woody, and spent a while modding and get quite decent prints out of it.

    Used it to make a MT8 type frame and grabbed and modded parts mostly from thingyverse and modded on tinkercad.

    Thats still being fiddled with

    sold the woody and recently bought a 2nd hand basic ender 3 , which works well , its mostly already had a few mods, and still adding , thats the fun innit ?.

    But now thinking I should maybe go for a later control board as this is still an 8 bit .

    Already having grief as got a new 32bit from banggood and they sent a v4.2.2 , which i believe is faulty, but they are giving me the run around.
    As i understand the 4.2.2 is not a retail one and was probably taken out of another machine ?

    Well thats me up to date. look out for lots of silly questions


    The 4.4.2 is a creality mainboard. You can flash the firmware available for your machine ready to go.
    If compiling your own firmware doesn't frighten you... Take a look at skr2 boards with tmc steppers. I'm using the older skr v1.3 for two years and it is working fine. (not available anymore)


      Reckon I've flashed most firmware avialable for the 4.2.2 and still got this issue, with the new V2 display and also the original LCD display.

      All the menus work prefectly until any heating , hot end or bed is called up and this happens .. ( video)
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        Did you check if your power supply still gives the right voltage, when you try to heat? If you are on 110 Volt, check if the power supply is on the right voltage( not 230V)

        Chep has a video on the problems with flashing the good firmware version on enders.
        There is a link for updated firmware too, but you have to pay a small amount before you can download.


          been using the ender for ages, PSU is 230v and give out 24 volts .
          Gone back to my older V1.1.4 board and its working properly again,

          No problem with firmware flashing ,

          no other changes apart from trying lots of Firmware and the 2 displays , and all give exactly the same issue with the flashing menus.

          see this ..... on youtube.


            hello to everyone, i am new member here.


              Hi, I'm also an enthusiastic printer who owns Ender. I'll be glad for any new information I discover here.


                found the flashing screen was due to the ribbon cable picking up RFi, Wrapped in Adhesive foil and all gone.. also tried another cable with a Ferrite ring .. also clears the issue.

                Refitted the v4.2.2 board reflashed with MRisco Firmware , next step up from Jyers..and working well.