Hello everyone,

A little bit about myself:
- Engineering student (electrical engineering) with plans to complete a master's in both electrical and mechanical engineering.
- Active duty U.S. Navy (if you want to discuss the military or my time in, shoot me a message).
- Background as a cosmetologist, ASE mechanic, machinist, Motorola communications technician, and much more.
- I have a rather substantial shop to include welders, plasma cutters, a beautiful metal lathe from 1904 (LeBlond 12" x 36"), and much much more.
- Experience in metal casting aluminum with plans to soon begin casting in iron (all at home).
- Single 3D printer owner (Monoprice Mini).
- Soon to be owner of a FlashForge Creator Pro 2 or Max 2.
- Father to four children, husband to one. It's important that we don't mix up those numbers, haha!

Any questions, don't hesitate to let me know! I look forward to getting to know and talking to all of you.