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Newbie here from Mexico

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    Newbie here from Mexico


    I am a 68 year old retiree and trying to learn new things and embarked in 3D printing.

    regards Rainer

    Hi Rainer, I'm a 75 year old from Australia and am learning a little bit each day I play around with my 3D machine. I am sure you will get a lot of interest and frustrations in your new endeavour good luck. Regards Col


      Hi Col,

      My respects Col

      My other hobby I ahve is Astronomy with an own Observatory in the garden of the house. I do Astronomy since more then 20 years.

      Last Friday I ordered a Creality CR-6 SE and before deciding for a 3D printer I watched a lot of videos and read alot and finally decided for the CR-6 SE. I know, the 3D printer you buy tomorrow was already obsolete yesterday. It is quite troublesome to decide for one.

      My decision was based on the double Z-screw drive and the autolevelling. Everything else is more or less the same on all printers IMHO.

      The purchase was quite a hevay investment especially when you live from a retiree's income but what the h... At this age we need something to do so we keep our brain working. Hopefully it arrives soon, according to the vendor on Sunday 12th.

      A big step was trying to draw my first 3D body and I am using FreeCAD. After a week I finally managed to draw a body. The main purpose for getting into this 3 D printing is to build parts needed on the telescopes.

      Next step is to learn to choose materials stiff enough for this purpose. So far I think ASA Filament would be the best or Nylon but I heard printing Nylon is not easy. Well nothing is easy at the first time.

      OK, lots of questions which hopefully will be aolved or answered here

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20210905_RotatorRingPart1.png
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Size:	142.8 KB
ID:	127988

      Another test was the one below

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20210905_SpiralReinforcement.png
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Size:	165.0 KB
ID:	127989

      regards Rainer