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    New Member from Southern California area

    Good Afternoon. I just took the plunge into the 3D printing world and just pressed the buy button on a Creality CR-10 V2. I was not able to purchase from the approved original Creality site as these were out of stock so took a chance on a re-seller site that has been controversial just because some people that have ordered from this site have had issues but I just could not find one from a (what seems to be) authorized sites. Some people have not had issues with the aforementioned site and some have received their orders lickity split. I took the chance and paid with PayPal so at least have some sort of recourse if it goes south.

    I do have a couple of questions for users that have purchased this model:
    • I want to add the BL Touch option to the printer. This seems to be equally as unavailable as the printer itself. Has anyone found a reliable kit on ebay that they have tried and works?
    • I would also like to eventually upgrade to the Titan direct drive but if the printer and BL Touch options are tough to get the Titan direct drive seems to be as elusive as Big Foot and Unicorns. Has anyone have a source for these or have a suitable alternative?
    • I also eventually want to use this printer with OctoPrint. I have a Raspberry PI that I used for a project but am no longer using. Has anyone had success using OctoPrint with the CR-10 V2?
    I look forward to working with the members on the forum and hopefully with your support I can delve into this new world and be somewhat successful.

    Thank you,


    As an update. I was worried about this company that I purchased from because they seem to have a bad rap. I am happy to say though that I received my printer today. I purchased on Sunday 4/12 and received today 4/14. 2 day ship time!!! Although I have to say that it is probably because the warehouse is in Hawthorn, CA. I did not know this until I received the box. My main concern was with the companies online reputation and their lack of response to my emails and they never provided a tracking number or that it had shipped.

    That aside I am up and printing. I printed the test dog that came on the SD Card and I am currently printing one of my designs as I type. Test print was successful and so far my design is working. About half way through.


      my dog is see through like possibly under extruded. after that I got it all calibrated. but because I didn't slice the dog myself, I have no idea what the model is supposed to look like. I have so many holes in my dog that I can see through it.