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Hi, new owner of a CTC A8

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  • longbeardpolymer
    you can buy another A8 since you didn't tell us what you are missing. the cheaper option would be to tell us exactly what you need. if you don't know the name of a part, post pictures. you can also look at pictures of the A8 online to see what is missing. I know there is a seller on ebay that has an incomplete kit. I tried to talk them down to $50 but only got down to $65.

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  • Patriot_Pirate
    started a topic Hi, new owner of a CTC A8

    Hi, new owner of a CTC A8

    I just bought and received a CTC A8 3D printer. However, my kit is missing hardware. I have contacted the seller, but I they haven't suggested a source for replacement parts. Would anyone here know of a source for replacement hardware?