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weird warping problem

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    weird warping problem

    Hi, I have been using my Creality 10S for two years now but 10 days ago it started having issues on first layer.
    Test square prints at the four angles come out fine, but when I print someting more complex, no matter the position of said print, the brim always warps and comes off at the same points.

    I have tried different glasses,
    changing the position of the print,
    tightened the eccentric bolts of the bed.
    new unboxed pla
    tightened ALL of the hot end screws, even the ones underneath.

    the fans work fine
    all of the axes move without noticeable iccups.
    the extrusion comes out.

    I really need fresh eyes to take a look at the problem because I have run out of possibilities.
    thank you