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    Hello from Wisconsin


    I have been a computer nerd since I was 13 and getting into AI I thought I would get into 3d printing. Don't have a printer yet but the research has begun.

    Welcome to 3D Printing ocreepin,

    I would give you 2 suggestions when looking for your first printer.

    1. Don't spend too much for it. I've seen a lot of people get a their brand new printer, run into problems and then get frustrated and the printer just ends up in the garage or on ebay/craigs list for sale 3 months later.

    2. Get on YouTube and check out as many 3D printing guides and reviews as you can find. That will help you get an idea of what type of printer you want and the ins and outs of each type, FDM or SLA printers. Teaching Tech, Maker's Muse, CHEP, 3D Printing Nerd and Thomas Sanladerer are a few I recommend for someone starting out and looking for printer reviews and how to get started.

    If you have a good understanding of what you're getting into you will enjoy it more and not get frustrated and quit.


      On Wisconsin

      Ok I started with a Da Vinchi Mini
      Got it from WalMart on line so return if not happy is a breeze.

      found ran out of box and without problems for many months

      Problem - filament has to be theirs so it is at least 2x too expensive

      I went next to the A8 from Anet - 85$ ebay delivered. Missing parts. Weeks to figure out assembly . It runs well sometimes , sometimes not.
      You will get a real education with this one. Start with a Da Vinchi to enjoy printing then move on.

      Bought a E16 next from Anet. Simple 4 bolt assembly. Printed a few parts and it suddenly shook itself to death on a big print in the middle of the night
      was y axis shuddering

      after that its dead.

      Will get back to it someday

      Good luck with what you choose