So i'm pretty new to 3D printing in general, but i just upgraded to a used Prusa i3 clone with a MKS Gen 2Z V1.2 Board. i wanted to do some cable management and re-tune the printer with a new firmware. 2 days later and i'm trying to teach myself marlin code and getting nowhere. I've tried multiple config.h files with no luck so i resorted in editing the original marlin config.h file. Now the LCD screen is frozen and i can only control my printer through my PC. the only functions that work are x+, y+, y-, z+ and y+ isn't triggering the endstop. all the wires are in their original place how i got it except i did some cable management with cable chains and shortened some wires (100% sure i didn't f up the wiring lol). The printer was fully functional when i got it and i'm really kicking myself for screwing around with it. Any help would be appreciated!

Board MKS Gen-2Z V1.2
Steppers SL42STH48-1504A
Endstops Mech Endstop v1.2