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I need a pro for a proto look over

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    I need a pro for a proto look over

    Hi all, my name is Terra and I'm new to 3d printing. I have created a prototype from scratch and want to make sure it's right.

    If someone could help me out by going over it and making sure it's printable and also, the best suggestion for printing setup. I designed it in Tinkercad and tried meshmixer but I'm not confident that it will be right. I want to print it in the abs I have and I have an Anycubic Chiron. The less filament the better obviously and the less I have to break out the better.

    This design is my own and I'm worried about it being copied and sold so I need someone I can trust. I know I'm a passion in the ass but I'm extremely proud of this cup holder and I'm paranoid. Please let me know if you can help and thank you!


    Hi Terra. Maybe I can check it for you. You can send me mail directly.
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