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    Product suggestions

    hello all,

    looking for experienced/knowledgeable advice to finally start my self employment dream.

    I have a target market picked out and think the Modix 120x fits my size demands the best but really would value opinions as to its quality and capability to pump out sellable plastics products.

    The intent is to purchase a handheld 3D scanner and reverse engineer items to minimize the headaches of measuring every detail. Anyone have suggestions on those?

    I’m familiar with entry level CAD and technically and artistically gifted so as I’m not 3D print pro, yet I have a realistic confidence that I will pick it up fast. That being said I want to learn and produce on programs that would function through the 3D scan to perfect/slightly modify to print process. I know how time and tech can fragment programs due to advances and I would like to start as seemless as possible. Any suggestions for programs/slicers that would do the trick with that?

    3d printing is more for prototyping than mass production as even quite small prints can take many hours to print and big prints can take many days. To make mass production on a small scale feasable you would need many printers.

    Have a really good think about the volume of printing you can expect to need.

    In my opinion 3d printing is great for being able to produce custom designs but I'm thinking the time required to print may be just too high to make a viable business out of. If you start it as more of a hobby to begin with perhaps you will have better luck.

    I class myself as a maker. Shop bought products often fall short of what I want them to do so I use 3d printing to make improvements that would otherwize require weeks of designing, building and finishing.

    I wish you success.


      My intent was to target small niche markets that would not be overly taxing on demand. I don’t plan on it being a get rich quick scheme by any means but the markup on some high demand no longer produced parts would likely sustain me as a startup that I can grow from(future CNC and metal printing in the future) the appeal is also that once I get the basics down I can still goto my day job and receive health insurance etc until the business is something worth commuting to full time. I’m sure it has been done, im smart but I’m no genius haha.