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Type A Machine. Series 1

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    Type A Machine. Series 1

    Hi Folks. I'm new to all this.

    I'm trying to get a 3d printer operational.
    Type A, Series 1.
    I believe the stepper motor that drives the filament doesn't work. I'm trying to get a replacement. I'm not sure of the voltage, I can only give it a good guess.

    Any help appreciated.

    Stepper motors rarely go bad, My guess is that your extruder is not operating because it has to get above the "no extrude" temperature in your firmware. Type A doesn't tell me much about your machine, what control board does it use? You should be able to swap the motor leads to one of the other axis to test it.



      I appreciate your response.
      I had typed a long response. Turns out this page wasn't fully loaded.

      I don't know what type of board controls this printer. The stepper plugs into what I think is called a header for a micro controller. Turns out there is a second connection terminal. I did get the extruder head to move around. I don't think the shaft on the filament drive stepper turned. I'm now having problems with the filament tension roller spring assembly and also the head was grinding against the left side of the machine. Seems the micro switch for the x axis is missing the little lever. I can't readily connect the filament stepper to a terminal point besides extruder 1 or 0.
      The stepper for the z axis is buried somewhere inside the frame of the machine.

      More fun for during the week.