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Good Morning and a great big Hello from Yorkshire.....

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    Good Morning and a great big Hello from Yorkshire.....

    Well, I have borrowed a 3D printer of a really good mate of mine and I must admit to being in awe at what it does and its potential. It is nothing fancy at all but I am almost sure I will be getting myself a new toy very soon.

    Now, what I am wanting to create are the connectors on the ends of Car Wiring Looms. I am looking for any pointers on where I can maybe find a similar one I can then modify, although I have never played with 3D modelling before, so it would be a pretty steep learning curve.

    I would value input from the Forum on programs to get me going although my mate has set me up with, Cura which creates, I think a "G" code from an .stl file ! It was a bit of a blur yesterday. I have access to I think Autodesk AutoCad 2018, is that worth getting ?

    Running a Windows 10 PC, Macbook Pro or an iMac. Might keep this 3D stuff all isolated on the iMac. Is that a good idea? Are there programs that can be recommended for Mac?

    Initially I would NOT be against paying someone for a file producing as long as cost is not prohibitive, just to get me going.

    I have 5 separate ones I need .

    Enough blah from me, it is now back to Thingy Verse to search for the Connectors I need in stl format (pretty sure thats what I need).

    Anywhere better? r mre specifically, any that people can recall that have the wiring Harness end on?

    Thank you all in advance