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New Prusa user printing TPU

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  • Rik
    I have been looking into printing flexible filament and have seen many comments saying that you need a filament guide within your extruder. I have not tested this as yet but I did find some printable filament guides on thingiverse. I hope this helps you in some way.

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  • Urffer
    started a topic New Prusa user printing TPU

    New Prusa user printing TPU

    Hi all from New Zealand. I'm learning to use my new MK3S and have been trying to print Flexfill 98A for the last few days. The printer lays down a perfect track to start and prints for about 2 minutes and then the extruder motor starts cogging which I'm assuming is due to a blocked nozzle (it is very difficult to extract!). I have tried many of the suggestions like hotter, colder, slower, new nozzle but it is always the same ending in more or less time. I have tried reducing the tractor gear tension too but it just skids. The edges of the part and bottom look perfect but when it stops the top surface is very rough. I have added a photo. ABS an PLA print well.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.