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Ender 3 printing problem

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    Ender 3 printing problem

    Good evening,

    I am new to group and seeking for some help please.
    I have two friends who are really into football, so I wanted to give them a bit of a gift, so I got a file from thingiverse. Its a Liverpool UEFA trophy.
    I had a successful print and one of them was very happy about it. A couple of days later I wanted to print the same file for the second guy,
    but in that instance
    half of the print came out nice, the other half looks terrible.
    I cannot figure out what happened. Please see the pictures of the perfect half and of the messed up one.
    The printer is and ender 3, CR-10
    The setting
    in Cura
    Infill: 10%
    No support
    Skirt adhesion (but it doesn't effect it anyway)
    0.15mm resolution

    The bed is levelled perfectly, and I cannot figure out why could I print it perfectly for the first time and since than I had 5 messed up prints, where half looks immaculate, and half is so rough.

    Can anyone
    help me, what could have gone wrong?
    Thank you,
    nice half messed up half

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