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Know nothing about 3D Printing

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    Know nothing about 3D Printing

    I own a small manufacturing business, and am considering using 3D printing to bring a new product on board, but have no idea about how it works, I want to thank any and all of you for your patience as I am sure I am going to be asking some really beginner questions.

    I was advised that 3D printing would be ideal for what we want to do.

    Thank you

    What exactly do you need? I am owner of 3D-XSTREAM but if you need something simple I can look at it for you and possibly just help you for free.


      Initially we are looking at making a disk, that is 2" in diameter 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. We will add a sublimated button, or disk with a customers logo, or our logo. Depending up on the color scheme of the logo, the disks would be made of a similar color.

      I had thought of using polyethylene rod and cutting them, but the colors are limited, and by the time the rod is handled, cut, and finished, it is more expensive than the 3D printed disk, and the colors are available to do what we want to do.

      As we gain experience with the machine, I am sure we will branch out into other items, as this will fit in nicely with what we do now. I would like the capability of doing more complex items, down the road.

      Can anyone recommend any good videos that would help a newcomer understand the basics of the process


        I tell you what. I don't have videos yet but if you want to review our lesson plans that schools use to teach students I can set you up with a free account.