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    Hi from Sydney

    Morning from a wet and windy Sydney.

    I’m currently learning a bit about 3D printing and CAD along with Arduino, C++ and electronics.

    My first 3D print project was to change an GoPro adaptor on my mtb helmet to fit my light

    This is the original camera adaptor

    This is the printed part attached to the light. The tolerances were a bit tight but it works

    I don’t have a printer. I’m using the maker space facilities at my local library

    I had my second project printed at the library yesterday. It’s an adaptor for a water bottle spanner to open trangia fuel bottles (I work as an outdoor instructor )

    The guy at the library adjusted some of the settings. They have a Taz5 printer and use a version of Cura. It’s adapted to use 1.75mm filaments. He adjusted the layer thinkness to something like 0.25 and increased the wall thickness.

    The first (blue) print had some errors. He told me the filament was a bit old and about how it can absorb water. I watched the CNC kitchen video about how to dry filaments. They did a second print using some newer (orange) filament which was ok. TBH the quality was pretty similar to my untrained eye. The prints took 3ish hours and cost about AU$10 (only charged for 1 due to errors)

    I need to learn about what tolerances to put in my designs. The blue print was a tight but usable print. The orange one has needed a bit of filing.

    I’ve got a few more projects I want to get printed and some questions. I’ll as those in the relevant forums.

    I think it’s super cool that I can envisage a solution to a problem, come up with or find (Thingiverse etc) a design and get it made cost effectively just across the road. Having a desktop printer of my own would be super awesome of course and would allow a tighter learning cycle but I haven’t had to spend the cash and also have access to the print expertise at the library