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3D printer config/MKS board help

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    3D printer config/MKS board help

    I am asking for help with 2 issues. This is the custom 3D printer I built:

    Running this configuration (config.txt):

    My MKS sbase v1.3 Board, running Smoothieware:


    **First issue-I have two sets of printer fans, a single fan on the hot end/head and two fans at the extrusion area as it leaves the hot end/head. All fans currently run together from the only fan control connection on the MKS board. I want to leave the single hot end/head fan where it’s controlled now but remove the two other fans and control them with an external mosfet mini module:

    Controlled by an unused pin on the MKS board that can be tied, by changing the config file, to the operation of the extruder stepper motor. When the extruder comes on the fan pair comes on.

    **Second issue-my printer uses 2 stepper motors to run the Z-Axis. Each motor runs at 1.8 amps. The printer design has both motors, by using a “y” adaptor, plugging into the Z-Axis port on the MKS board and consequently running on only one driver. The stepper motor drivers built into the MKS board are 8825’s. This driver can only handle 2.2 amps. The total of both Z-Axis motors running together is 3.6 amps. The designer of the printer, when asked, says the Z-Axis motors only run in extremely shot spurts witch will not over load the 8825 driver. I don’t know if I trust this especially when I want to run the print bed all the way down or up in a continuous trip. Plus more amperage is drawn by the stepper motor pair when in holding mode than when moving.

    This MKS board has 5 divers X,Y,Z, extruder and the 5th driver (E1) free/unused. I’d like to set the config file up to use the standard Z axis port/driver for one stepper motor and then clone the (E1) unused driver to operate exactly with the standard Z axis driver. There by splitting-up the amperage load of both Z Axis motors as connected now, to each having it own driver.

    In both the first and second of my issues I could use help with the changes to the config file and with any connection information like what pin should be used for each issue as affiliated with whatever change is made to the config file.

    THANKS! to anyone and everyone for any help. I have the skills to build and have built the printer but on the program side I am lacking the skills needed to get it up and running.