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    Hi folks, how's it going?
    I'm Matt, I'm currently looking into buying a 3d printer.
    Space is at a premium so I am considering the Anycubic delta kossel linear plus, purely because I can go up and not sideways, printer dimensions that is.
    Plus my friend has one and it looks like it does the job.
    Can anyone shed any light on that printer for me? Good / bad ?

    I would also like to add any relevant 'simple' upgrades at the primary building stage, if anyone has any thoughts on that, I woul be interested to hear them..

    I have already been researching some different makes of filament but I'll be honest, I don't have a clue.

    To give you an idea of my head-space, I'm pretty technically minded and like to tinker and fix things, plus I've been building and fixing PC's/laptops for folks for over a decade.

    My pc is very capable, an AiO cooled i7-8700k with 32gig ram and Nvidia GTX 980 and fast storage.
    I have different 3d design packages too and a decent Canon DSLR camera which, at some point, I would like to use to create 3d models of stuff..

    Thanks for reading folks, I wait to hear from you.


    Hi you. I am happy when make friend with you.....