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Wrong print (pleas help) Anet AM8 Hotend E3D v6

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  • Robbel2005
    Did you calibrate the new extruder?
    A second point I was thinking when you changed to 3dV6 you probably have another thermistor as stock. This means if you didn't change thermistor type in Marlin you will have other temperatures as indicated on the screen. If you use stock firmware you better take old thermistor and put it in the new hotend. If you print at higher or lower temperature as normal for your filament it can give bad prints.

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  • Wrong print (pleas help) Anet AM8 Hotend E3D v6

    Hi everyone, I just converted the printer to Anet AM8 with E3DV6 hotend this was the first print I set TopLayer to (999) 9999999 so that the whole print was full and solid. It doesn't look bad on the first try. I just can't come because there's such a bad structure.
    Many thanks for your advice.