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  • haroldj1956
    If you already understand fusion360, you already have a big jump on most of us. Which printer depends on what you want to do with it. If you are just a hobbyist and enjoy building and creating, go for a low end machne such as the ender 3. Use it to print parts to scratchbuild a bigger printer or a printer with more features. If you need a bigger build volume, Go for one of the larger format printers.
    I should warn you that a low end machine can print most parts ok, you will eventually want to do upgrades that are sometimes hard to do, (such as change firmware). Thats why I reccommend using a low end machine as a stepping stone to building what you really want. You will get an education along the way (and also have some fun creating). GOOD PRINTING

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  • iowanative82
    started a topic Hello all

    Hello all

    I am new to 3d printing and trying to get an education before buying my first. I am a toolmaker by trade and work in an EDM shop. I use Fusion 360 to make models and program for our Hurco VMC. I want to apply my skills to 3d printing. Any suggestions or comments on CAD software or printers?