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    New to 3d printing

    Just purchased a Geeetech A30 and have done a few prints. Still using East Print 3d for slicing but it is limiting me to printing 2 objects at a time.
    It did take a while to update firmware and get Easy print 3d software to work.
    The prints are not bad.
    I need to tweak the settings and learn more about 3d printing.
    Any reccomendations on better slicing software that would generate a working g code for this printer would be appreciated.

    Pics below

    1st print/pic of Budha was the included file on the sd card.
    The heat bed was loose in the back. I couldn't get the rear 2 nylon bearing wheels to engage the track.
    Tightening them and tweaking the eccentric nuts to the max did not help.

    I then realized that 1 of the bearings on the nylon wheels with shot.
    I replaced that Wheel And it did help But I still can't get both of the rear wheels To engage the track At the same time. I am able to get one in get it to engage the track But not both at the same time. The bed does appear to be stable now.

    2nd print/pic
    This is one of the Davinci theoretical perpetual motion wheels. The tape measure is in inches.
    That is the largest I could get it with standard settings. Just under 27cm's.
    The printer is advertised at 320 x 320 x 420mm.
    So I have figure out hot to get the maximum size out of it.

    Overall I like the printer and service from the company has been great.

    If you are looking for a cr10 type printer in this size range I highly recommend the Geeetech A30. If you are not in a hurry they are releasing a new model soon.

    I like the dual y support tracks as opposed to the one widened center track. I believe it's more stable especially with wider prints.
    It also has dual z motors and a color touch screen. The super hot plate is awesome so far. All my prints stick well during the print and come off easy when it cools. So far I am just using PLA so the bed still looks new after 3 prints.

    If anyone is curious about this printer or my experience with 3d printing feel free to contact me.

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