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  • Andrewv1
    started a topic New Chap from SA.

    New Chap from SA.

    Hi to All here. I'm new to the group. I live in South Africa and I'm wanting to build myself a 3D printer. I build and fly RC planes and helicopters and do electronics as well. I love to be hands on making things to see them work at the end of the day. I think half the fun is to build it yourself. I am on this group to LEARN what works and what Does NOT..... . It also avoids one to go the wrong route and folk out money just to go to waist. I would rather use that money to build a better printer. OK enough of my wolfing

  • Roger3D
    so you must first decide what form of printer you want to make . Then you need to find sources of aluminum for frames and whether you are going to use rods rails or v slot wheels. The list goes on stepper motors, drivers, belts, pulleys, wheels, motherboard, extruders, hotends, hotbeds, display screen and power supply voltage and current. Finally there is firmware to compile and upload and software to run the printer, a slicer to generate G code. When the build is done and running then comes calibration of everything. The real fun comes when prints fail and finding why it doesn't happen overnight. Watch a lot of reviews on current printers and improve on their weaknesses. Get the design in mind then get all the parts needed.

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