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Hello I’m Wesley and I need help!

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    Hello I’m Wesley and I need help!

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ID:	120584 Hi, I am new to 3d printing. I have been looking for a printer for a while and found what I think is a Tronxy P802don an auction site. It’s used but doesn’t look as if the assembly was ever completed. I do not have it in my hands yet however based on what I saw in the pictures I believe it can be brought to life.

    I have ordered wiring for the stepper motors as well as a few other odds and ends I think I will need to get this running.

    I need advice on what software to use. I have rebuilt a laser engraver based on an arduino and thought that may be a good route to go with this printer.
    I used to know electronics pretty well however I’m getting old and not only has technology changed but I haven’t used what I used to know so I’m facing a learning curve.

    I have have a very strong electrical back ground. I also have a good understanding of computer. I collect old trains, old wood working tools and old erector sets.

    I realize that this printer is not a great one and will require a lot of work to even make it a good one. I see it as a chance to learn something new and meet new people.

    Any advice or words of caution are welcome. Thanks in advance.
    Btw I paid 60 bucks for the printer so I don’t think I’m hurt to bad.

    It looks like it is running the Melzi board. My Aurora printer uses Melzi and they ship it with Repetier Host software. You can download the latest and greatest from there website. I dont see your hot end on the pics so you may want to be ready to get a better quality hot end, that comes with heatsink and fan, it will help so much. You can tell right away if the heating block and nozzle are one piece and not a separate nozzle screwed in. Also consider getting a heated bed if that one is not heated. Hope this helps.


      Hi wfwilson. Where are you located? If you are near a bigger city, there may be a makerspace that could help. In person is always better than a forum. I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan and have had to lear everything by myself, so I am speaking from experience.