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    newbie to 3dprinting

    hi all i am in the process of learning fusion 360 as would like to design and print my own stuff but struggling to decide on a 3d printer.
    i would like a printer with alest 300mm build volume would like the option to build big if i want to the ones i have been looking at are

    Geeetech A30
    Anycubic Chiron
    Creality CR10S
    or my be creality cr10 s4

    any information or help in choosing would be greatly appreciated as not got any experiance the easyer to use would be better thanks

    If you get creality just make sure its a model with dual z axis stepper motors and lead screws as some have only one. If you want to learn fusion 360 join fusion 360 users group on facebook you will learn tons.
    check that link out to compare printers


      I have a Chiron, working perfectly. I brought it after getting one of those flat pack A8 clones with an Acrylic frame that has to be built nut by nut.
      The Chiron needs very minimal setting up. The base is one part, the Z axis frame is one part, put the two together do up less than 20 bolts, level the bed manually then auto level then load fillament then advanced level (basically lower the hot end after the auto level during a test print)
      then... BOOM away you go big 3D printing


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