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Hello from the UK, noob here

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    Hello from the UK, noob here

    Hi all,
    My name is Carl. I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas, for those who celebrate it.

    Just popping in to say hi, I have my AdimLab 3d i3 prusa 3d printer and am getting to grips with it.

    Just a quick note about my setup:
    AdimLab i3 prusa printer
    Raspberry PI 3 B+
    ps3 cam for those timelapse videos

    Still figuring out those sweet settings for bed adhesion (oh what fun) as I get a lot of plastic getting attached to the nozzle and/or the plastic is getting picked up from the bedding and then it gets into a right mess! (PLA 55bed 195 nozzle). Might have to buy some adhesive tape - unless someone knows what I can do ?

    Anyway, I will be sharing my printed examples and hopefully, over time, will become a member who can help others that need help too

    Chat soon and happy printing


    Add a BRIM setting check out Noob fail post ! New printers take a little time to break in . Make sure belts are tight and make sure the bed is level and set to proper height that is why most first layers fail and for PLA you don't need to heat the bed unless your in Siberia or North of 60


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