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Another newbie to 3D printing here in Columbus Ohio

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    Another newbie to 3D printing here in Columbus Ohio

    I've caught the 3D printing bug and after reading all I can and watching hours of Youtube videos I finally Christmas Gifted myself with the Creality3D Ender 3 printer.
    My goal is to learn and share as much as I can from the design end until the whatever I build pops off the platform. Wish me luck.

    Hello and Welcome, I too am new to this world of 3D Printing and have read and also watched more videos then I have cared to and Iím still lost, Iím also what you might call computer illiterate so I need to learn these programs like Cura, Splicer etc etc. I did find a cheap deal on a Anycubic i3 Mega ultra base and a Kossel linear to start on. One for PLA and one for ABS printing, I plan on inclosing the Kossel.
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      Hey DaveTech204! I bought the Ender 3 as a Christmas gift to my kids! So far we have screwed the test dog up 2 times because when it was 90% done the Extruder started coming in contact with the print and pushing it around the tray. We downloaded a free design onto the flash drive and when we attempted to print it the Extruder was up in the air never in contact with the tray just squirting melted PLA everywhere. Do you have any tips?


        Hello Yonny,
        I had some setup issues during the assembly with the factory adjustment of the roller wheels on the Y axis bed and and the X axis Extruder rollers and the Z axis rollers. The bed could move up and down and side to side because the rollers were so loose and the X axis was just so tight that I think the Extruder couldn't move side to side or up and down
        I adjusted the y-axis rollers under the bed so that the bed didn't rattle up and down by turning the hex square shafts after loosening tje nuts on the ends. Turning the hex shafts adjusts the pressure on each roller to the shaft. I adjusted each roller so it just started to slip when it tried to spin the rollers.
        There is one under the Extruder block that I had to take that cover off to get to.
        There are 2 under the bed and 1 on each end of the X that needed adjusted.

        Click image for larger version

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Name:	BedRollers1.jpg
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        After those are adjusted I had the adjust the position of the Z axis switch on the Left side rail. I'm using a Glass plate bed so I had to move the switch up past the 32mm they list in the assembly directions. With my glass bed plate the bottom of the switch block was 36mm.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	ZaxisSwitch1.jpg
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        You might set yours between 32mm and 36mm.

        For leveling the bed go to the Menu and under the Prepare option select the Auto Home option and the X, Y and Z axis will home. Next use the Disable Steppers command to unlock the motors and gently move the extruder over to the bed and go through the steps to adjust the height the bed to the the nozzle with a sheet of paper.

        The follow up steps to leveling and fine tuning the bed height I found today on YouTube and they worked really well. Here is the link for it

        Here are the leveling g-code files they talk about in the video and they really helped me.

        I think if you do all these steps your Ender 3 should start working correctly.

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