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Hi, I'm new here and have a technical questions about a filament jam

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    Hi, I'm new here and have a technical questions about a filament jam

    I recently switched over to Matterhackers Build Series ABS from IC3D ABS. The first half of the roll was amazing and gave me some beautiful prints. In the past week though, I have had issues with it not wanting to extrude consistently. It will start a print and about 25-40 layers in, it will stop extruding and you can hear the filament advance cog skipping. A slight bit of pressure to the filament and it starts extruding again for a few lines and then it starts again.

    I am running is in an enclosed Flying Bear P905 printer with the print head at 228 and the bed at 110. None of the settings have not changed since it was printing fine. When it's not jamming, it still prints amazingly well. The heating element is good and there is no power loss there or loss of heat. I have removed the filament, completed a cold pull cleaning. I have also checked the grub screw on the filament advance cog and cleaned it.

    I am leaning towards the Bowden tube being the culprit. I have noticed that the issue only presents when the print head is in certain positions, possibly causing a bind. Also, it is the factory Bowden tube from a low-end unit and it is not in its natural position, as the enclosure that was placed on the printers solid on top and only about 70-80mm above the printer's frame. However, it did rain a couple days last week. It has been dry for the past few days however. The roll of filament is only 2-3 weeks old and has been stored in a clean, temperature controlled room. Does outside moisture affect new ABS that rapidly? Could that cause a jam or would that make it sputter?

    I am still relatively new and have been printing on a friend's printer. Any recommendations on a possible solution would be greatly appreciated.

    Have you tried a different filament. I've noticed with mine that I switched out to a new one and it printed fine without any clogs. My guess is it's the filament has moisture in it or it could be the Bowden tube. Except when my bowden tube needed replaced it would jam all the time. Couldn't print at all. So I'm leaning towards moisture in the filament. I have a remaining roll like that i need to research on how to put it in the oven to dry it out again. Then try it afterwards. Hope this helps! Alan


      DFPro, I have experienced a similar problem in the past. I was trying to print really quickly. with how much filament I was trying to push out, it cooled the nozzle to a point where the plastic would not extrude. Only after it warmed up did it the plastic start coming out of the nozzle again. I think this may be what is causing the problem. If the printer is trying to lay down plastic very quick, the nozzle could cool to a point where no more plastic flows. I would recommend slowing down the print speed or adjusting the flow rates so less plastic comes out. I hope this helps, please let me know if this works!


        Printer filament is usually hydroscopic - meaning it absorbs moisture & degrades the printing.
        Put the filament in a plastic bag when not in use & fold the bag.

        The supplied PTFE tube will generally be the cheapest crap out there & tight kinks or bends in it will not help matters at all.
        One option before replacing the tube - ala when you fit new tube, is to squirt a bit of WD40 down the tube & then manually blow out the remaining drips in the tube by mouth - carefully... tastes vile. this will assist filament flow thru tube.

        Additionally, the filament drive gear... if it is steel, it will pick up shredded filament in the teeth - brass is self cleaning & always stays clean.
        The sprint tension on the filament may be loose,a s the supplied springs are usually shite - stainless steel is NOT a sprung steel - just looks pretty, so get proper springs.
        The nozzles do block if heated up for ages & no material goes thru, & the filament simply burns into the nozzle & blocks it.

        typically with ABS pushing 50mms, go for 230'C as a standard temperature.

        When you remove filament.... you MUST have the nozzle up to temperature...... AND... push a few CM of material thru it before you pull out the filament... then put your next chosen colour in the extruder.
        When you have finished a print - do NOT remover the filament from the extruder..... simply cut the filament 100mm before the extruder feeder gear set... & leave the stalk hanging out.
        Pulling filament from the nozzle & not immediately replacing with new when the extruder head is hot, can lead to strings of material being pulled thru the tubes & gear drive adding obstructions.


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