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Hi, I'm new here and I have a little question

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    Hi, I'm new here and I have a little question

    Hi, as I'm working with cnc for a longer while (programming, setting, operating) and actually owning one small router and laser cutter/engraver I thought next step is to put a 3d printer on my worktop as well. The question is what printer will be a good choice for somebody who already got some experience on 3d modelling and with machines overally. I don't mind speed but more looking after quality/resolution/size of work piece. is for example Creality Ender 3 a good choice? Or you would advice me some other 3d printer as for somebody who is starting but is already an cnc engineer (and passionate) and having professional expectations? I don't have a big budget after all and don't want to invest more than 500. So what's the best choice under 300 and 500?

    Get a Creality Ender 3... about 150 & 99% built, & a neat package. I got 4 Flash Forge machines, 2 Nova Monsters, BIQU Deltas... & even an Ender-3 .... even though a low budget machine, it has paid for itself many times in the last 3 weeks alone with the work it has churned out.
    Support is good, as lots out there. It can easily be upgraded if required too. I rebuilt one into a 400x400 bed machine using all the parts...
    You will want to watch a couple of you-tube reviews, as there are a few SIMPLE adjustments needed to get the hot end running properly... as all machines, but you will not be disappointed.
    I would advise AGAINST machines with linear rods ie ANET when you have an option of roller wheels on similar sized machines, simply due to reliability & ease of use.


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