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Hello! I'm John. About me & a few newbie questions about 3d printing...

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    Hello! I'm John. About me & a few newbie questions about 3d printing...

    I am a disabled veteran and am starting to open my own 3d print studio (in my house) here in California. I am married and my son is in college. I run a travel business from my home right now, but business is slim on occasion. My wife urged me to follow my passion, and I used to reenact and do cosplay stuff. I was actually one of the very first Halo Master Chief costumers in Seattle in 2001.

    I am in the initial stages of research, and am in need of great assistance. I see printers range from $1000 to $9999. I see the filaments can run from $15 to $30 a spool. I plan to get into a niche market. Mainly 3d printing game, comic, movie cosplay pieces. Body armor, helmets, boots, shields, swords, guns (nonfunctional), etc... Aside from copyright stuff, I need to figure out the cost of making items and my profit margin.

    For example, can one $20 spool create a wearable helmet? I can easily sell a helmet for $200+. However, if a helmet takes 3 spools ($60+) I need to know this. I know size and thickness plays a part too. Also, is there 3d "blueprints" for sale, or a membership to one out there? Or does the printers software generate 3d blueprints from 2d pictures? One day I might make a gun from a video game, another a special bike seat, and another day a 3d vase...

    Any and all advice is really welcome.

    Thank you,


    Hi John,
    I sent you a lengthy PM, hope it arrived.
    Grant B


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