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    I joined to see what I can learn - new to 3D printing and need to become proficient with ultimaker 3

    Hey Chuck!

    Well I cant say I'm proficient in the ultimaker 3 as I've never used one before but I can give you some tips that could help you get started, I don't know your previous experience in printers so I'll give the basic rundown, sorry if its stuff you already know.

    Programs: With any 3d model you will need to "slice" it to give the the printer instructions on what actions it needs to do to print your model, this can be done by putting a .STL file into CURA( and turning it into a .gcode file, cura is quite simple as you just select your printer in settings and it will automatically give you some basic settings that work well with the Ultimaker 3.

    Settings : This is the difference from a lump of plastic on your print bed and a perfect model! Depending on your preferred material you will have to set your settings accordingly, im going to assume you are using PLA as its the most common. The biggest setting starting off are temperature, layer height, speed, infill, and retraction in my opinion. Layer height is the distance between lines and the amount material it uses per line, the lower you go the higher quality prints, 0.2 -0.3 is a good start. Temp is going to be depending on your filiment, most are around 190-210. This can be moved up and down if you are noticing globs in your lines(too hot) or its layers are brittle(too cold). Speed is as fast as you can get it without compromising quality. My printers run from anywhere from 60mm/s to 80mm/s. Infill is the amount of material that supports the inside of your prints, 0 is empty and 100 is solid, usually 20-40 is good on most prints. And retraction. This is the negative pressure put on the nozzle that prevents filament from coming out the nozzel when its moving, it pulls back on the filament to do this, usually around 10 is good for me.

    Where to get files:
    depending on what you are making Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory is usually full of cool and useful stuff, or if you want to make your own 3d models fusion360 is a wonderful program that I'd reccomend!

    Hopefully this helps a little, sorry I cant give more info on the ultimaker 3! Some good YouTube channels to check out are MakerMuse and 3dPrintingNerd, they show off a lot cool and helpful things on 3d printing!

    Happy Printing!


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