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What do you think about 3d printing

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    What do you think about 3d printing


    I am doing research on how the 3d printing market works and how 3d companies work for the reason of starting up a 3d printing company in the future and want to learn from people feedback on the current system. I currently do a lot of 3d printing with my current engineering company so i have a good knowledge of the tech and how it physical works and what to do.

    I would like to get people feedback (if the forum is happy with this), i would like to know:

    1 - Do you have a 3d printer at home and how much do you use it?
    2 - Do you use other companies to print your work if so why and what do you like about the company you use?
    3 - Do you use 3d printing middle company forums to get prints and CAD files made?
    4 - If you do use forums to get stuff printed, why instead of going straight to a company?
    5- What do you enjoy/like about 3d printing?
    6 - What do you dislike about the 3d printing?
    7 - Anything else that comes to mind

    Any of your thought on the above questions would be greatly appreciated


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