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Hello, I'm looking to get into 3D printing and need some advice

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    Hello, I'm looking to get into 3D printing and need some advice

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Kristofer and I'm looking to get in to 3D printing for as a way of prototyping/creating parts for my collection of Subarus (custom intakes, aero and alike) .

    I'm also looking to create parts for my other hobby which is collecting G1 Transformers toys, mainly I'm looking to create spare parts for my current collection suffering from the "GPS" or "Gold Plastic Syndrome" (for those of you not familiar with this here's a link to an article describing the issue )

    I've studied civil engineering in the past and I'm comfortable working with CAD-software in order to create blueprints but I'm completely lost out on what to look for in a 3D printer.

    My hope is that there's someone on here with personal experience of doing the kinds of things I want to do and can help me create some kind of shortlist of features I'll need in a 3D printer.

    I've set a budget for this project at around $2500 USD which needs to cover just about anything I need to get started.

    I've already talked to a couple of companies here in Stockholm Sweden that produce and sell different kinds of 3D printers but the prices varies a lot and I haven't gotten the best feeling from the companies I've approached regarding their ability to understand what I need from a printer.

    Any advice or recommendations would be most welcome.

    It sounds like you want to "print useful things."

    First decide which printing technology will get you what you want. This is a decent start on the technology choice:

    I recommend you check out the youtube channel by Angus Deveson:
    He's experienced, honest, and covers most of what you need to know.

    The problem with 3d printing right now is there are so many manufacturers. Most of them produce a cheap product.
    We say "You get what you pay for." Cheap printers work but you may spend a LOT of time making the printer work and keeping it working.
    I spent extra to get a printer from a company with a good track record that offers service after you buy. Your budget can easily get you
    one of those.

    For my third printer I bought a Prusa i3 mk3. I spend more time designing and less fixing my printer now.


      What's the largest size you see yourself needing to print?


        Doubt any 3 D would allow you to print a car part,,have to do in sections or build your own machine.


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