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    silicone setting

    Hello guys,
    I am printing , silicone with paste extruding mechanism consisting of 20 ml syringe with 2mm nozzle.i need your guidance to know what should be the printing speed, layer height , volumetric flow rate and other supporting parameters.i also used many hit and trial setting but printing is not as upto requirement.
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    Ok guys, who can help this member out, What he is doing far exceeds my knowledge in 3d printing.


      I will try & pull some numbers from my print models... as I have been experimenting with printing concrete/sand mixes, as well as 3.5mm dia nozzles pushing ABS for rapid prototyping.
      need more info of the medium this chap is printing & the speed it sets or becomes a solid etc, also the solidity of this goo at point of extrusion, heat or no heat etc etc...


        The initial parameters I would set are:
        X carriage speed of 50>60mms.
        extrusion dia 2.3 > 2.5mm
        layer height of approx 1.3 > 1.5mm Max.

        1st layer height of 1.2 x 2.5 width.

        based on the following theorys:
        the width of the layer MUST be wider than the layer height to stabilize the layers... so they dont fold.
        the speed with this dia nozzle must be kept relatively slow so that the extruded material is not centrifugally flung on corners or direction changes.

        the nozzlenits self must have at least 1.5mm flat perimeter around the 2mm output bore, so as to flatten the extruded layer as it leaves the nozzle.

        the material being printed needs to have a viscosity thick enough to hold shape integrity to print a few layers without collapsing.

        It may be necessary to pause the print after every 3 or 4 new printed layers to allow the material to harden or set.

        note: it will likely be difficult to bridge open spaces or infill gaps that are too wide apart, if the material is slow to harden.

        You may wish to use a 100cc syringe with a motor driven lead screw to push the material out of the syringe. Every refill of a small syringe will disturb layer settings & ptentially ruin a print.


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