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How to measure real laser power output

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    How to measure real laser power output

    Does anyone know how to measure real power output for the laser?
    I want to buy 8 watt laser
    but have a big concern if they are rated and have real power output.

    there are many supplies in google:
    so how to choose the right one?

    any ideas?

    Well its a little more involved as it depends on whether its pulsed output power or continuous power and the type of laser things like gas,diode,fiber etc. The best place to start is Sam's Laser which has info on all types of lasers and measuring output power and Sam's has lots of links to all this stuff. Laser diodes need well filtered voltage and current regulation and some optical feedback . You can get CO2 lasers 40 watts and higher. It is sometimes better to look at laser modules that have the supply and LED. Another place to check is Coherent Lasers and other professional laser manufacturers. Do a lot of research before firing one up . Laser glasses are a must 8 watts definitely start fires, burn skin and destroy eyes.



      that is why I bought Endurance lasers

      because they tell the truth about their laser power...

      I used to have 5.6watt and now I have 10 watt and it works great, cutting 3-4 mm of wood and plywood with one pass.

      George, just made a measuments and post it on his blog page on site.


        Hi, have a look at our new video, showing the real power measurement

        I would be happy to answer any your questions!


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