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Laser attachment to 3D printer

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    Laser attachment to 3D printer


    I am thinking to add a laser attachment to my 3D printer.
    Did anyone have experience with them?! How difficult is to connect and mount them? Is any special software required?

    I saw a lot of cheap units on Ebay (Chinese mostly) but I am not sure about their quality.

    Checked Endurance lasers web site and it seems like that guys offer pretty good variations.
    Did anyone try them?

    Thank you?

    --Kate alla Tsuba

    Hi Kate, appreciate your question.

    We made real power measurements and we wrote about it in our blog
    have a look at it.

    We are very open and fully transparent about our laser power output.
    Also we have a lot of our customer's feedbacks on our web site.
    If you want you can write them

    text me if you have any questions +79162254302
    or simply email: gf[at]


      I would go with endurance laser. I bought a 10 watt its amazing im using it 10 hours most days with no problems.
      Also you may try to win one just go here and follow instructions