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Just called to say Nanu-Nanu

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    Just called to say Nanu-Nanu

    I'm just a lonely Alien hanging around and thought I'd come say Hello.

    Just got my first 3D printer, It's only a "GEEETech Prusa i3 ProB" a Clone, I think they call it,... anyway, I thought if I eventually enjoy 3D Printing, then I'll either Build one or buy a pre-built one, in time.

    The only issue I have is using the software, I've never been any good at using 3D type software and in most cases found myself closing the applications like, Photoshop, Blender and AutoCAD over the years mainly because of what I perceived to be an overwhelming User Interface.

    Anyway,... I guess this is only a Hello, section, So, HI everyone and I guess I'll see you all around the forums at some point,... Until then, Enjoy!

    The Nanu-Nanu, reference is just a little thing I picked up over the years of being an Alien,... It's nothing derogatory.