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New CR01S arrived with no SD card!!!

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    New CR01S arrived with no SD card!!!

    I just received my CR10S and it did not have the sd card! Damn, I want to start printing. Of course I asked the vendor to send one, but I hate to wait.
    Can anyone supply the files that come on the sd card so I can get started? It would be greatly appreciated!
    I built it up and wondered if I could use a blank sd card and download slice files from my PC? I am new to this and would appreciate any help/suggestions.
    Thanks, Doug

    I never got one either with my "GEEETech Prusa i3 Pro B",... so I just went ahead and got a 16GB SD Card from Amazon Prime, at least I received it the next day, which is far easier than waiting a week,... right?

    I was going to buy the CR 10 myself, however, I thought it'll be best just buying a Clone, for now,... If I like 3D Printing then I'll go ahead and probably build one or buy a pre-made one.

    As for the STL files, you can join Thingiverse here ... It's totally Free and you can pick from any of thousands of files to download.
    There are quite a few websites like Thingiverse, but I do think Thingiverse is probably the best.

    Anyway,... Good Luck and Happy Printing.


      The good news is that people here at the forum and the vendor I bought my machine from sent me the files that would be on the SD card and I got two 32 GB Sandisk cards from Amazon prime in two days. I have printed four leveler wheels for my printer (all at once) and parts for a transceiver I am building ... and guess what? They are almost perfect and will work. The next step is to learn temperatures and speeds to get the best prints. I have implemented Octopi on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a built in camera. It works and did the last print of four different objects all printer at the same time. That is two knobs and a two part mike holder for the ubitx Transceiver. The pattern for these came from Thingiverse.
      Alienmoon, I hope your printer works out for you, looks like I am going to enjoy mine. Next project is a dual fan enclosure for my solar battery bank.
      My best wishes, Doug