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New, Software question if you can answer please

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    New, Software question if you can answer please

    Hello. My machine is-

    Powerspec Ultra 3D Printer
    2 Extruders

    It came with software thats on the SD card that basically does nothing.
    Im using a windows computer which has a decent program that I used to use that came on it but now its not loading like it used to. Either 3D objects or 3D print
    My friend downloaded Blender and he was having trouble transferring a file from that to the program that came with the printer to print it but the file will not load.

    If anyone has any advice on what programs to use and how to get a decent designer program to even print on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Heston

    Hello.Hopefully some one can help you. I am not a software person for one, Is there any one that can help this person out with the problem that he is having???????


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