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New to 3D Printing - Problem with print quality - Help Needed

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    New to 3D Printing - Problem with print quality - Help Needed


    I'm new to 3D printing and am having the same recurring issues with my print

    The stock prints supplied with the printer work fine but subsequent prints where I converts .stl files to GCode with Ultimaker Cura 3 results in a very honey comb print

    I've attached a photo of the print, hopefully it shows what I mean

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction

    Thanks in advance


    As with most new printers you should do a calibration of the extruder to make sure when it prints 10 mm of filament you get 10 and not 9.8 or 10.2 etc. Once you know thats good make sure you have actual measured filament diameter in settings as well a nozzle dia. typical 0.4. Then look at layer height something around 0.2 or 0.3 is ok to start with. Then look at extrusion width leave it automatic. Then look at infill properties change from honeycomb to rectilinear. I have Cura but never used it and use Slic3r which seems to have more settings to adjust. If using PLA make temp about 200 C no heatbed needed. What you need to do is get a 3d cad and make a 20 mm cube export to stl and print that. A lot of files on the net can be defective and need repair before printing or they specify certain settings for best print. There are tutorials on web to calibrate everything start there. The tricky part you are printing looks under extruded. Worst case send us a list of your settings and what machine you are using.


      Make sure the settings for filament diameter are right in cura. It may be thinking you're using 3mm filament when you're actually using 1.75mm filament. The result would be under extrusion since the extruder motor moves less for 3mm filament.


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