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hello, new guy here with my first questions.

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    hello, new guy here with my first questions.

    Hello everyone, Not knowing anything about 3d printing, I'm looking forward to learning all I can about my new hobby. I just received my new CR-10S printer and after a day of scratching my head wondering why my Z axis wasn't working, I came across a website that had a guide and I was able to fix the problem.
    I tired my first print and it was awful. No surprise!
    After some fiddling with the printer, my next print was a lot nicer but still not as I thought it was supposed to be.
    So here come the questions:
    Is it safe to say that each print will need to have the printer settings readjusted?
    I'm trying to print a set of knobs for the bed adjustment from Thingiverse. When I opened the file with the new version of CURA, it showed the object as a solid wheel yet when it printed, it printed the object hollow. The outside is there, but the guts are missing.
    Here's a photo:

    What am I doing wrong??

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    If you want a solid wheel, try increasing the infill and make sure shell is turned off


      Johann is right, it looks like the printer did what it though it was supposed to, and it probably thought you wanted it to be hollow. Check your settings.

      As far as having to readjust for every print? I'd say probably not because of the print, but you will have to tweak for filaments of different brands and depending on the quality maybe even different colors. Check the thickness of the filament every couple of prints to make sure it didn't swell due to moisture absorption or just due to changes in thickness from manufacturing.
      You might also suffer wearing or just breaking in of the machine over time that might force you to recalibrate. I have to check my components for tightness every few prints but for the most part my settings have stayed the same for a while.



        Forgot to post this. Very helpful.


          Originally posted by ARKtest View Post
          That is an excellent website to troubleshoot your prints, and most of the time, you will find your answer/solution here.


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