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Home Manufacturing Product Feedback (POLL) Good Idea?

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    Home Manufacturing Product Feedback (POLL) Good Idea?

    Introduction: This post will summarize the a machine dubbed ET-18 as a possible product for the home-fabrication industry. This post will briefly summarize the scope of its purpose and give the community an opportunity to alter the product to your needs.

    The three main purposes of the ET-18:
    Lower the cost of home metal manufacturing
    Increase the capability of consumer-based CNC mills (especially with respect to full 3-D milling of Aluminum parts)
    Increase 3-D print precision, volume, and speed

    The Machine: The machine platform and attachments are sold separately; community created attachments are encouraged. 4 attachments have been developed and another 10-12 are under way. The machines frame was not custom made specifically so the owner may modify and expand on the machine if desired using OpenBuilds linear rail system. It arrives as a kit with every required part and will need assembly.

    CNC Specs: ET-18's claim to fame. Out performs all mills in its class. 10x cut speed of xcarve. Designed for milling full 3D aluminum parts (Model aluminum engine block demonstration video coming soon).
    3-D Printer Specs: Build volume .35 meters x .4 meters x .15 meters. Print speed >100mm/s (Goal 150mm/s).
    Laser-Cutting Specs: Coming soon

    Launch Date: 12/1/18 (Kick Starter)

    Sneak Peek: (See attached photos)

    CAD Model Prototype 1B

    I want one!


      Looks really nice!

      I'm not super knowledgeable about tabletop CNC so forgive my lack of correct nomenclature but is there any risk off having chips fly into the linear rail paths and gunking things up? I know there's a fan but even on wood CNC machines, particles and small bits still fly about during use with the shopvac on. That's one reason why ShopBot hides their rails under the work surface.

      Also how does one go about securely affixing the aluminum billet to the workspace? The bottom surface seems flat instead of having the usual hole or groove covered fixture plate.

      Other than those two questions, the build looks clean and professional and I love that you're using OpenBuilds rails so people can hack around.


        Good luck on your adventure! Would love to see home metal manufacturing come of age! Look forward to seeing your Kickstarter campaign. Along similar lines was a Mig/Tig CNC welder by a company called Ability3D. Their page is still up, but after repeated attempts to contact I gave up. Something that should have made it through funding but fell short. I definitely would like to see you succeed!


          The vertical side plates supporting the X-Z frame look a little thin , even for a machine designed to cut Aluminium.
          I'm hoping the rails are at least supported rails but they should be on the outside or underside, if that's a roller on the Aluminium frame the machine will eat itself whilst grinding ally chips into the roller and frame.
          I look forward to hearing the video, yes, hearing. Most of the Chinese demo videos include the tortured sound of machine and cutter vibration which is anathema to repeatable, accurate work.


            Looking forward to seeing this on KS. It looks like the basic product has been developed. The KS is for finishing and funding for production?


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