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Fed up with facebook groups...

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    Fed up with facebook groups...

    Hi guys and gals,

    Looking for a place to exchange good informations without always bumbing into the same recurring questions over and over again like on facebook...

    Managed to get decent printing from my cheap 3D printer but always on the look for improving and helping other by sharing my experience.


    Fastload (Sorry, obviously not my realname, but I dont think it is needed to help each other.)

    Hi Fastload,

    I agree with you about the Facebook groups. They usually centre around the same sort of questions and there seems to be a lot of one-up-manship on Facebook - everybody seems to think they are a complete expert about everything 3D printing.

    Welcome to this forum which is a much nicer place. You can certainly get some great advice here.

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    Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


      Hi there
      Youve come to the right place, tge folks here are great, helpful, and not judgemental.


        I just saw some thing on aluminum filament from 3dex. Any one have any info on it. Thanks


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