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  • Hi All

    First post to introduce myself, i'm from West Yorkshire in the UK and am contemplating which 3D printer to buy as my first. I intend initially to print small parts and additions to my quad copters, various parts for my target shooting hobby and whatever other myriad of things there are to print!

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    Welcome to the forums Rusty. There are a lot of resources out there to help you decide what printer you need. Just be sure and check for reviews to see how others like/did not like the printer. I am am looking at getting my 3rd one and am going to get the original prusa i3 mk2.


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      Hi Rusty and welcome to the forums.

      You certainly will love having a 3D printer (especially if you fly RC quadcopters). Allow me to introduce 3DEX. We are a UK based company that sells 3D printer accessories. We are always happy to give advice or source products for you so feel free to get in touch via email at We recently printed a 140 sized quadcopter that you can see here:

      However, there are many 3D print companies in the UK (some also active on this forum) so you're certainly not short of choice.

      Have you had any thoughts about what printer you might choose?

      Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


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        Hello Rusty, Welcome to 3D Printing forum.


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