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  • Hello Everyone

    I'm afraid I posted my first greeting in the wrong place, so here it is again.
    Like so many people, I too got a 3D printer for Christmas. Mine is a Monoprice, and quite small. I printed the test model which I was only given enough filament to print about 1/3 of it, duh! But it looks like a nice 1/3 ha ha! I have ordered more filament from Monoprice and while I await it's arrival, I have designed my first thing. I used sketchup 2017 the free one. It has a 30 day trail of pro so I'm not sure if I will loose the ability to create 3D projects after the trail expires or not. But I turned it into dae file and imported to Cura and looks like it will print when I get filament. I uploaded it onto thingiverse, it's a waterloo tool box drawer catch. Thanks for reading, feel free to reply with a hi!.

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    take a look at some free non commercial 3d cad programs for now i use Autodesk 123d and Meshmixer


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      Thanks, I'll look into those.


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        Hi Pap4solar and welcome to the forum. This is certainly the place to ask questions and gain much useful knowledge.

        In regards to CAD software there are many good packages available. FreeCAD and Blender 3D are two that I enjoy using. I would suggest using Youtube videos to learn/decide which package you like using.

        I hope this helps,

        Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


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