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    Hello everyone! After dropping hints that I wanted a 3d printer for the last two years, my wife, who probably is just tired of hearing me talk about it, got me one for my birthday a few weeks ago.

    I have the maker select 3D printer from Monoprice. I am having a lot of fun printing things, with only a few issues. As I print items that take up more space on the print bed I am noticing that they are lifting off the bed when it is far away from the center. I'm printing a lot of things, even though my printer is being RMA'd because the power switch won't shut the unit off all the time, forcing me to pull the plug to power it down.

    I'm looking forward to learning from those who have doing this longer than I have.

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    Welcome to the forum Ras_Thavas. Be sure to ask lots of questions. We have lots of knowledgeable people on this forum.


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