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New Here. Teach me, Yodas... I'll be your skywalker

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  • New Here. Teach me, Yodas... I'll be your skywalker

    Grabbed a sweet Maker Select 3D printer v2 from Monoprice (13860). I got it because it was the best one on the market! Not really, it was super cheap with great reviews on a Christmas sale, haha. I also know it's just a renamed blah, blah, blah printer, but I like it.

    Anyone else have one of these? Im using that with the basic Cura program and finding random stuff off of thingiverse to print as of right now. Having a few issues with my prints so far so trying to play with some setting here and there to see what i can figure out. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Using a basic tinkercad program to let him get a feel for it, then we'll move up to a more advanced program. trying to figure out settings to get quality prints first.

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