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New to 3D Printing as of yesterday

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  • New to 3D Printing as of yesterday

    I picked up my first 3D printer yesterday. I went with a second hand Flash Forge Creator Pro. Needless to say, I haven't slept much the last 12 hours. I've printed a few small objects already that have turned out decent. They are getting better every time. All I know is leveling this thing is not pleasant. Also, if anybody has any input as to where I can get a replacement acrylic enclosure, that would be great. Are there any aftermarket ones that are any better? Or does it not matter much? I'm looking forward to learning a lot with this!

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    Welcome to the obsession! You are in the right place, we have lots of helpful folks on here and I am sure more than one owns a Flash Forge Creator Pro...Again, welcome to the club.


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