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  • Minefield

    Hi All,

    I live in the UK, Scotland to be precise and resources for 3d printing are quite scarce here, that is unless you want to get ripped off br Maplin, Currys et all.

    This seems to be a minefield, what to get , what not to get, where to get.

    I have been looking at gettting a 3D Printer for roughly 2 years now, have done one hell of a lot of research on this model and that model and my head is pretty much up you know where.

    I have been to Maklab in various places and seen them in action and i am now just about to take the plunge.

    I had been considering the Prusa i3 MK2 what is your opinions on this please and thank you for your time in advance.

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    I am ordering that exact machine after Christmas! Great choice.


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      get the prusa


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        I have never a used a Prusa brand i3 but, i don't think your making a bad decision. I have never came across terrible reviews regarding it. As long as your frame is solid you should be fine. The mini Rambo and e3d hotend look solid. Everything else on entry level printers is basically from the same stock via China

        The only advice I can give from personal experience is I wish I would have went with a printer that supports dual extrusion from the get go. To take advantage of dissolvable support material.


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