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Want to Print a Human Head to Use for a Mold

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  • Want to Print a Human Head to Use for a Mold

    I run a website that sells sex dolls. I need some advice on how to look for a 3D Modeller who can produce a 3d model from 2D Photos. After that I need advice on what to look for in 3D printing shop. Like what material to use to make the sculpture to be used for the mold for the head of the doll. The face of the doll is made of TPE which wrapped around the skull (made of a harder material).

    Right now the manufacturer I am dealing with uses a sculptor to make custom heads, Its very time consuming,. It takes about 45 days to produce the mold for the doll. Recently I got my first custom order, and I am thinking of the services of a 3D model;er and print shop to produce a more accurate representation faster.

    Its a weird industry, I only got into a couple of months ago..
    We sell some of the most realistic sex dolls, both TPE and Silicone Dolls. You can also customise you very own unique sex doll with a range of options.
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