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    Brand new n00b

    Joining from Canada, saw my first few 3d prints and thought this would be something I'd like to combine with some other hobbies.

    Hope to find all the information needed to get off to the races and get printing!


    Hi electricworm,

    Its great to have you on the forum. Any pics of your first few prints?

    3D printing goes well with a number of hobbies. I personally fly quadcopters so use 3D printing to build quad parts.

    Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


      Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures instantly I was intrigued and wanted to do my own.. I have a strong electrical / electronic background and am in school for Industrial Mechanics so this seems like a perfect hobby to mix with my other ones


        I have my printer awaiting pickup at the FedEx hub, Wanhao Duplicator 4s, there was a great Black Friday deal, so I am just, starting like you. Being an engineer (electronics) it seems to me the best time to get involved as they appear to need some tinkering to get best results.

        I also have the rc hobby as well as other interests and 3d printing seems to fit well.



          Welcome to the forum worm! Please post pictures of your printer and projects. There is a lot to learn and I learn something new every day...


            I'm curious to see what other hobbies you will combine with the 3d printing. I am personally into firearms, so i'm looking forward to making accessories for stuff like that.


              well 3d printing will now occupy all your time or all your mind then you will want a bigger better printer hello from fellow canadian member if you need filament visit web site or go to Toronto excellent company and source of filaments, avoid flexible filaments for first few months pla is easiest


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